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Kindergarten holiday time: tips for a relaxed holiday with children

Upbringing and education

Summer, sun, beach – the summer holiday is getting closer and closer and with it the anticipation of the sea, good food and lots of peace and quiet. Every single person in the family should get their money’s worth so that they can start their everyday life fresh and refreshed again after the holiday. Sometimes, however, this is exactly a real challenge and not only the wishes of the parents, but also the needs and wishes of the children should be listened to when planning the holiday. In this article we explain how the holiday season works at cocon day care and what to consider when choosing a destination. We give you comprehensive tips for holidays with children and also provide you with a free packing list to download.


Holidays in the day care centre

In contrast to school holidays, which are uniformly regulated in the federal states, there are no specifications and regulations for day-care centres, i.e. no fixed holiday periods. Each day care centre decides for itself how many weeks a year it will close. Most facilities try to keep their closing times as short as possible to accommodate parents’ needs.

Day care centre closing times in Munich.
Your advantage at cocon day care centre.
In order to be able to offer our parents, most of whom work full time, real support within the framework of our lived educational partnership, we close exclusively over Christmas. This means that our parents can arrange their holidays according to their own wishes, regardless of time. As long as the children are small, trips can thus also take place in the low season and outside the school holidays and are usually not only more relaxed but also cheaper.

Does a child need a holiday at all? The answer is obvious: children also need time off now and then. Because as nice as the day-to-day life at the day care centre may be for the little ones, being together with the parents in a relaxed way, without pressure from outside, is also a welcome change for children that everyone should enjoy. Read on to find out what you need to bear in mind to ensure that a trip is really relaxing for everyone.


Preparing a trip with children

The perfect destination for families

To ensure that everyone gets their money’s worth on holiday, parents should choose the destination so that it offers the greatest possible relaxation for themselves, but at the same time is designed in a way that is suitable for children. In addition, the destination should always be adapted to the age of the children. Travelling educates and opens up new perspectives – for children, however, holidays mean much more: above all, they value quality time with their parents and siblings. So for children, it doesn’t matter whether long plane journeys are made or the time out takes place in a family-friendly hotel 100 km away. The most important thing is that the time together as a family is always in the foreground.


The right accommodation for families

There is no such thing as the “perfect” accommodation for holidays with children – after all, everyone expects something different from a perfect holiday. While some like to have breakfast brought to bed, others are happy to be woken up every morning by the birds and the first rays of sunshine in their mobile home. The decision about the “perfect” accommodation must therefore be made by each family for itself. It is nice if the children are included in the planning and the needs of all family members are considered equally.


If the choice is a hotel room, a holiday flat or an apartment, parents should find out in advance whether the room or flat is suitable for children. The various platforms on the Internet where accommodation can be booked offer the possibility of using a filter function to organise the search accordingly. If no information can be found, parents should contact the landlord and clarify whether the accommodation is suitable for children.


Criteria for child-friendly hotel rooms or holiday flats:

  • Child-proof sockets & drawers
  • Highchairs
  • Nappy pail
  • Cot
  • Changing mat
  • Safe storage for cleaning products
  • Stair gates
  • Washing machine
  • Baby seat for the toilet
  • Few or no stairs
  • Lifts
  • Fenced plots
  • Children’s playgrounds
  • Secured pools

Holiday by the sea / by the pool

When on holiday by the sea or in accommodation that has a pool, care must be taken in any case not to let children into the water unsupervised under any circumstances. Ideally, the seaside resort should be chosen so that the water only gets deep very slowly and the children can splash around in the shallow water in peace (still under supervision, of course!).

Our tip: Special watches with sensors that you can put around children’s wrists sound an alarm immediately if they come into contact with water, such as those from Alarmbands or Moby Kid.

Tipps für einen entspannten Urlaub mit Kindern.

Swimming and skiing courses in Munich.
Your advantage at cocon nursery.
We cooperate with various, accredited swimming schools that teach our children to swim during regular nursery or kindergarten hours. This offer is very popular with our families. Although this external service has to be paid extra by our parents, the big advantage is that cocon takes over the entire organisation. During the winter season, our cooperation with renowned children’s ski schools from Munich and the surrounding area is similar. Our children’s ski courses have also been part of our offer for a long time. Please contact us for further information.

5 ultimate tips for a relaxed holiday with children

  1. Stay spontaneous: With children, holidays rarely go according to plan. If you are relaxed about this fact, the most beautiful memories often arise from precisely these situations.
  2. Plan car journeys well: Long car journeys should be arranged according to the rhythm of the children. Audio books and toys prevent boredom – joint games and singing usually please the children more, but can also be fun for parents. Night drives have also proven to be a good idea, as the children simply sleep through the long drive.
  3. Ensure routine: A structured daily routine can be important, especially for smaller children. Fixed rest and meal times should then be consciously integrated into the holiday day.
  4. Plan child-friendly sightseeing tours: Many tour operators now offer child-friendly tours as family sightseeing. It is best to find out about them in advance.
  5. Write a travel diary: Often so much happens on holiday that it is impossible to process all the impressions. A diary together with photos, entrance tickets, etc. help to capture valuable memories forever.
Mit diesen Tipps gelingt der Urlaub mit Kindern garantiert.

Packing list for summer holidays with children

Preparing for a trip can be stressful and the feeling of not having thought of everything can cause sleepless nights before the holiday. To help and support you, we offer you a packing list here as a PDF download.


The packing list is divided into the following sections

  1. Documents and important papers
  2. Technical equipment
  3. For the trip
  4. Children’s clothing
  5. First-aid kit
  6. For the stay
  7. Care utensils, cosmetics for children
  8. For the holiday by the water


Click here for the packing list.

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