Opening Hours
Mon – Fri 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Opening Hours
Mon – Fri 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Warmth and professionalism

The people behind cocon.

Our houses live from the wonderful people who work in them. If you want to know what the personnel structure of our houses looks like and what motivation our managers had to start cocon, look no further.

Our team on site.

Are you interested in who is caring for your children and who your children are spending their time with every day?

Our employees
Our teams consist of educational specialists and supplementary staff, such as highly-qualified

  • teachers as well as
  • educators in the fields of social education and childhood education and
  • teaching assistants.

As the support of young people is important to us, we are also assisted by

  • apprentice childcare employees (m/f/d) as well as
  • students on a dual program

In addition, each of our houses has its own fresh cuisine with a chef, a kitchen team and a housekeeper

The head teachers
The respective head teachers are at your disposal at all times as contact persons for you as parents. In contrast to other institutions, this management body does not work directly with the groups in order to ensure that they have time for their responsibilities. Our head teachers are experienced educators with a high level of professional expertise, who shape our cocon day nurseries with their openness and warmth. Attributes which of course also apply to all other team members at our facilities. Each and every one is an enrichment, each and every one contributes to the unique atmosphere at cocon, in which your children can feel so comfortable.
Both houses are led by the two owners and managers themselves. Veronika Pagacz and Kristina Harzenetter are always on site as contact persons for all of the team’s needs.

Our history, our incentive, our concept.

The great wish of the two owners Veronika Pagacz and Kristina Harzenetter was to create a contemporary and modern day nursery concept, a concept that adapts to the needs of society. With cocon, they have done just that.
Veronika Pagacz and Kristina Harzenetter are the persons in the background at cocon childcare center in Munich Bogenhausen and Waldtrudering. As mothers themselves with an academic education, they know about the balancing act and the major challenges of staying in work with children.
And also about the questions, which especially working parents ask themselves:

  • What makes a happy childhood?
  • How do you prepare children today emotionally, intellectually and socially for the demands of the future?
  • What’s too much? What can’t go amiss?
  • What about a healthy and balanced diet?
  • How many children should an individual teacher take care of?

Veronika Pagacz and Kristina Harzenetter also dealt with all these questions and more. Not satisfied with the childcare offered at the time, they decided to act and set up a day care center themselves. Today, cocon’s exceptional childcare concept provides an answer to all the questions you ask as parents about the care of your children.
And it is just that which motivates us every day: To really meet the needs of parents and children.

Veronika Pagacz and Kristina Harzenetter agree: The best basis for your child is a lived educational partnership between you and the childcare institution. This is where trust comes into play. A trust that we at cocon build through consistently transparent communication.

Die Inhaberinnen von cocon Kindertagesstätten