Opening Hours
Mon – Fri 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Opening Hours
Mon – Fri 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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The principle of a premium childcare center.
The concept of cocon.

Warm. Exclusive. Unique. These are the attributes which our parents use to describe our owner-managed facilities. As a private Munich organization with only two houses, our two bilingual institutions provide a level of care and quality that is unique in Munich.

Together with experts, managers Veronika Pagacz and Kristina Harzenetter, mothers themselves, have developed the cocon premium concept which combines affectionate, contemporary care with far-reaching consistency of values and the latest educational findings.
A contemporary and modern concept that adapts to the needs of society.

Kinder auf dem Spielplatz einer Premium Kita in München - cocon Kindertagesstätten.

The most important element is the child.

Our bilingual premium concept focuses on the child as an individual. Each individual is seen by us and gently supported according to their level of development. At the same time, we all see ourselves as one part of the whole picture, as part of the cocon family. Our parents, our children and our entire team shape a community that is characterized by warmth and openness. cocon offers your child the protected space it needs to develop their own personality and offers you the support you want as parents.

The four pillars of our
premium concept.

Our concept is based on four pillars: Our values, our educational standards, our outstanding service and the cocon quality promise.

Teaching of values.

Values carry us through our lives. It is important to us that the values of your family coincide with ours.

For us at cocon, the most valuable element is the child. The child whose voice is heard, whose opinion we take seriously. The protection of the child and the participation of the child in the community are non-negotiable for us. For this reason, we have established rituals in our daily lives that apply equally for everyone. These include, for example, the morning circle, lunch together and our children’s conferences.
Together with you as parents, we also convey and exemplify the values that must be taken for granted in our society. Respect for each other and lived diversity are just as important to us as the contribution of your children in shaping our everyday life at the childcare center. In addition to being a role model ourselves, it is also primarily the projects we work on together that strengthen your child’s self-confidence, social-emotional skills and resilience. The mental as well as the physical health of your child is of utmost importance to us. We also create an awareness of sustainability and the need to preserve the environment.

Educational standards.

Children are inquisitive, eager to learn and open. And it is the first few years that shape the development of a human being.

Giving your child access to new encounters and experiences, working together to find out where their individual passions and talents lie and carefully encouraging them, these are the standards by which we measure ourselves. It is known that in the first few years, the foundation for the mental, social-emotional, physical and cultural development of a person is laid. cocon’s educational standards are also based on the Bavarian Education and Development Program (BEP), which has precisely this aim: To strengthen the basic skills of your child. In addition, the quality and offer of our early childhood support is exceptional. The basic requirements for this are our small groups as well as the higher than average child-carer ratio. Thus, our bilingual early education takes place according to the so-called immersion principle, the immersion in the respective (foreign) language. Our native speakers communicate only in English or French with the children, the language becomes their everyday language. In doing so, we attach great importance to the fact that all of our employees are native speakers with a professional educational background.
In addition to our own language and foreign languages, our daily life is characterized by early cultural, artistic and musical education. In this area, too, we act uniquely, because in addition to the daily creative activities in the groups, we exclusively employ an art and a music educator in both houses, in order to offer our children further ideas and in-depth impulses.
In addition, natural science education (STEM) also occupies a very special place in our childcare program. Games, sports and exercise, as well as mindfulness and relaxation are kept in a healthy balance and complete our offer.

Your benefits: We provide optimum support for your child during the childcare period and ensure that you do not have to attend any courses or offers outside of cocon.

Our service, your benefits.

We at cocon want to offer you the perfect support for your everyday life and to offer you and your children the setting that meets your requirements.

The flexible booking system, which distinguishes us from all other care facilities, is probably unique in Munich. In combination with our exceptionally few closing times and long opening hours, this service-oriented childcare situation is an important criterion, especially for working parents. As an owner-managed childcare center, both the administration as well as the management are located in each of our houses. This means short distances for you and noticeably less administration.
Our team is at your disposal at any time for professional parental advice. Your children are looked after in small groups with much better child-carer ratio, both in the nursery and in the kindergarten. Through selected cooperation partners, we offer you many additional services, which we organize and implement on your behalf.

cocon quality guarantee.

Quality is an integral part of our value system, by which we measure ourselves on a daily basis. External certifications and evaluations guarantee our continuous quality assurance and development.

As an owner-managed, private, premium childcare center, quality is one of our most important distinguishing features. This is reflected not only in our own concepts, such as the child protection and hygiene concept, but also in the numerous external evaluations and certifications by independent institutes.
cocon quality begins with the selection and management of our employees. In contrast to other facilities, our head teachers are not assigned to any group in order to be able to be truly active in a management role. In addition, all bilingual employees are native speakers with a professional educational background. Each group has its own native speakers. Regular training, coaching and supervision ensure the quality of the professional work. All our external cooperation partners are selected by us according to high criteria and standards.
It is important to us that our employees have a lot of time for your children. That’s why cocon only has smaller groups and more employees than usual.

Our bright, spacious houses and facilities are another important element of our offer. And quality is also our highest priority when it comes to nutrition. Each of our houses has its own chef and a cuisine, which is characterized by organic products, regional origin, seasonality and freshness.

Find out more about our quality promise here.

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