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“The world we want.” cocon also receives the ÖkoKids certificate in 2023.


A shared vision and working together on a common cause is fulfilling and exciting even for the youngest children. Teaching values is of fundamental importance in our concept and the topics of sustainability and environmental protection have always been an integral part of it. We are delighted that our commitment is recognised time and again.

For 13 years, the LBV – Landesbund für Vogel- und Naturschutz in Bayern e.V., together with the Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection, has been honouring day-care centres that embed environmental education and sustainability in their facilities.

Ökokids certificate for cocon

And at cocon, too, the teaching staff in our crèche and kindergarten groups in Waldtrudering and Bogenhausen have been initiating a variety of practical projects on the subject of the environment and nature for many years. As a result of our efforts, we are thrilled to announce that we have been honoured with the Ökokids award.

The Ökokids award provides daycare centres in Bavaria with the resources and motivation they need to impart environmental and sustainability education to their pupils. Its goal is to nurture a sense of environmental responsibility in the younger generation while fostering values of sustainability. Moreover, it aims to anchor sustainable practices comprehensively across all areas of daycare centres. To qualify for this award, centres must conduct a long-term educational project focused on the environment and promote environmental values in the children’s daily care.

cocon day care centre has been awarded the Ökokids certificate.

The groups’ project in Waldtrudering was divided into 17 different topics and was based on the UN’s 17 sustainability goals. On the one hand, the children learnt about the different ways of life in other countries, but on the other, they also learned that all people must pursue common goals in order to use the earth’s resources sustainably.


The Krippe and Kindergarten groups in Bogenhausen have been participating in a variety of hands-on projects focusing on all things environment and nature.

They decided to delve into the topic of ‘Upcycling’. They made an effort to use typical waste materials such as tissue boxes and milk cartons in creative projects, rather than using newly bought materials as a default. Over the year, the groups contributed brilliant creations for a wide variety of uses, for example, to decorate the house, use as seasonal props such as lanterns and Easter baskets, as well as practical items such as bin labels. All crafts were made from materials that may have otherwise been thrown away. This initiative offered a new perspective on the way in which waste materials can be used and has inspired the groups continue to upcycle waste materials whenever they can.

Upcycling at cocon daycare centres.

It is important to us that we strive to become a sustainable facility, and this award is a representation of these efforts. We are delighted to have received this recognition, and aim to maintain our focus on the environmental consciousness and sustainability in the years to come.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our dedicated educators once again for the wonderful support and guidance they gave our children during their respective ÖkoKids projects.

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