Quality features of the cocon day nurseries

You’ve got high expectations when it comes to the care and education of your children? You’re right! Because the first few years of a child’s life are particularly formative. We are well aware of this responsibility and every day we are dedicated to giving the children the best possible support they need on their way and creating the free space to develop – into happy, healthy children.

Quality and qualifications at cocon

  • Carefully selected: Our highly motivated, qualified staff (additional skills in the fields of music, art, Montessori etc.)
  • Foreign language training exclusively with native speakers
  • Multilingualism in accordance with the immersion principle
  • Above-average child-carer ratio
  • Regular team training, advanced training and further training (supervisions)
  • Certified health concept (nutrition, exercise, relaxation)
  • Spacious outside areas designed for children
  • Information and themed evenings for parents concerning education and development
  • Involvement of internal and external experts from a wide range of fields in early childhood education
  • Sharing of basic skills and preparation for starting school

Additional quality promises

  • Regular departmental talks/opportunity for exchanges between teachers and parents
  • Regular parents’ council meetings
  • Involvement of parents with annual evaluation sheets and revision of concepts
  • Transparent documentation and communication via information walls, newsletters, parents’ login areas, dossiers, portfolios and kigaroo
  • Quality assurance through internal audits for the constant monitoring and optimization of our work
  • External data protection

Educational partnership

When it comes to education, development and care, we work together with you as parents in a partnership – the basis for the best possible support and wellbeing of your child. You are the experts for your child – cocon teachers are the experts in education, development and care. It matters greatly to us that you are always well informed of our teaching work and that you have an insight into how your child is doing, what they are experiencing and what progress they are making. In this way we can support you in raising your child as best as possible. At the same time, cocon is reliant on your openness, your trust and feedback as parents.

Regular exchange takes place through:

  • The carefully kept documentation of our educational work
  • Developmental talks
  • On-the-fly conversations
  • Parents’ evenings and discussions
  • Themed evenings “cocon knowledge” and much more
  • And of course, always when needed
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