Individual support and free development

Children discover the world with an unbelievable openness, enthusiasm and delight in design. This enjoyment in trying things out and learning is the key to a positive development. We keep this joy alive, awaken inquisitiveness and natural interest. With a varied and valuable educational and development offer which provides the children with space to unfold. Space to discover themselves as individual personalities and to train independence in a safe social environment through a sense of achievement.

At cocon this also includes every child actively taking part in designing its learning and experiences.
In our everyday work we particularly ensure that we care for your child individually. Thanks to our high child-carer ratio, our teachers can take lots of time for each individual child.
The good thing for working parents in particular – feedback from our parents confirms to us: At the end of a day in the cocon Kindergarten, no additional developmental support is required, there is more time for what’s important: Time for the family!

Food and nutrition

Only when children are healthy can they develop as best as possible. That is why a high-quality diet is particularly important at cocon: every day there is balanced organic food such as vegetables, fruit, whole grain products as well as meat and fish. In order to maintain consistently high quality standards we made the conscious decision against catering and FOR in-house fresh cuisine with our own cook. Freshly prepared food every day enables us to dispense with additives such as preservatives or flavor enhancers.

However our nutrition concept includes much more than offering healthy, high-quality food: cocon teachers accompany mealtimes, convey how valuable foods are, clearly explain and motivate children towards healthy food. Using fixed structures and rituals, they create an awareness for table and food culture. And in the process of “learning to share” and “waiting for each other”, social skills are also trained at the same time. And: A nice additional benefit to in-house fresh cuisine: The children get an insight into the kitchen and are included in the process.

Excerpt from our menu

We place great importance on fresh seasonal food in our houses. That is why we offer a varied and balanced menu from our own in-house kitchens.

Exercise and relaxation

cocon moves children’s hearts: Our garden, which is over 1,000 m² with boulder wall, play park and its own woodland, creates many different incentives to move. Great projects to do with sport and rhythm develop specific areas and are great fun for the kids. We see movement as a central point for health and wellbeing and formative for later life. Anyone who moves a lot prevents posture damage, obesity or concentration problems. Our bodies carry us through our entire lives, cocon children start their journey strongly, because we give them a joy in movement.

Just as important are the relaxation phases which we consciously include in our every-day routine, such as when reading, painting or doing jigsaw puzzles in a quiet atmosphere, for example in the cozy corner. Very small children find space for sleep and quiet in our extra nap room with comfortable single cribs.

Our offers and projects playfully train

  • Power, quickness, coordination
  • Physical as well as mental perseverance
  • A feeling of rhythm and balance
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Various toys
  • Boulder wall in Bogenhausen


Multilingualism is a main pillar of our bilingual day nursery in Munich Bogenhausen and Waldtrudering. Children who grow up with more than one language will profit from this in later life. They find it easier to learn additional languages and enjoy significant advantages within an international professional world. It’s a good way to convey cultural awareness as well as tolerance from the start. We care for the children in multiple languages in both the Kindergarten as well as in the nurseryGerman-English or German-French.

Playful immersion in the language:Your children are quite naturally introduced to the foreign language – according to the so-called immersion principle. This means: Language acquisition as every-day matter of course without pressure. It is important that the language is lived and not learned as in school, for example through story times, singing or dancing. In each group at least one native speaker is present, who only speaks to the children in their mother tongue. We offer a German reinforcement course for foreign children.

Strengthening skills

Learning with and from the community: The time at kindergarten is a very important part of life. This is where children find friends, enjoy the warmth and security in the group, but also have to learn how to get along within it: It’s all about solving conflicts, asserting themselves, making compromises, getting to know their own strengths and weaknesses and those of the other children. Our teachers accompany this process of becoming an individual and learning resilience by “invisibly” taking your children by the hand.

The aim is to develop social skills such as taking on responsibility for yourself and others, expressing respect and sensibility or learning how to deal with emotions. Also an awareness of limitations, practicing patience, waiting for each other or being able to listen create the prerequisites for learning at school later – the ability to learn. Using educational impulses, such as the children determining their own every-day routine at cocon, we want to strengthen the self-confidence, independence and decision-making ability of the children.

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