Exploring the world, learning and trying things out. Our teachers support your children in developing skills and discovering talents, and offer impulses which enable their personalities to unfold – with a wide offer of musical, scientific, sporting and creative projects on the basis of internationally recognized concepts for early childhood development. Our educational work specifically strengthens the development of cognitive, motoric and social skills – completely playfully and informally.

cocon teachers are competent and also caring guides who support and encourage your children – and always following your child’s individual timing. Passions, strengths and weaknesses find special consideration, because our small groups mean that we always have the peace and time to spend with each child.

Fistless / little fists

“Fistless” is a program which has been developed to promote social-emotional skills and prevent aggressive behavior. The content of the program consists of three units:

Development of empathy

Control of impulses and

Dealing with anger and rage: The focus is therefore on communication with each other. Children should learn what they feel and that it is also important to name these feelings. cocon wants to reinforce children to solve conflicts with each other peacefully and never with violence. This requires the ability to verbalize. The little fists project is a program aimed particularly at children of a nursery age for the promotion of the mindfulness-based development of social-emotional skills. The program is carried out with all children from the age of two. It deals with mindfulness (through the attentive perception of the body and consciously dealing with the senses), emotional skills and social skills.



Art and culture

“I made that!” In our exciting cocon projects dealing with art and culture, we not only want to develop curiosity and drive, but also self-awareness and self-esteem. From the age of two the children can regularly attend art lessons with our cross-group art teacher. The children are prepared for the lesson with factual stories relating to the theme and can then express their feelings in color, shape and design. Our art teacher enables the children to be able to experience different materials, colors and appropriate tools. Particular attention is paid to free design, development of creativity and the pleasure in discovering materials.


Little Scientists’ House – certified in Bogenhausen since 2014

The proof of the pudding is in the eating: This project aims to motivate children to make their own discoveries. On the basis of tests and experiments from the fields of science or mathematics, natural curiosity is accompanied according to their stage of development – on topics such as water and

fluids, noise, sounds, music, magnetism etc. In order to deepen the learning process, the children are encouraged to ask questions, make observations, plan, document and recognize connections.

Media education

Even if free play, creativity, and personal interaction with each other in the first few years is most important for us, we also have to prepare our children for the world of media. In most families children come into contact with media in a very natural way. Parents are often confronted with media and digital themes, even if through their professional lives alone. Anything which is interesting and necessary for parents is mostly also interesting and exciting for their children.

We want to provide child-friendly support and guidance through this process. For us, media literacy at cocon primarily means an age-appropriate and conscious contact, which is also critically reflective and properly characterized in terms of the information from media and its use.

Music for all

The earlier a child enters the musical world the better it will be able to awaken and unfold its natural predisposition for music. At cocon, your children receive the time and space to be inspired by music, rhythm and dance in many ways.

In addition to languages at cocon and the educational art offer, music also plays a central role in the children’s everyday routines. The offer of music is strengthened by our music teacher in all groups and for all age-groups. By using age-appropriate instruments, songs and movement, the children playfully get to know notes as well as verses and rhymes.

Music is a fixed part of everyday life at cocon.

The children more or less sing themselves though the daily routine: The “good morning song”, the “tidy-up song” or the “giving thanks song” are all fun, strengthen the group dynamic and herald the new part of the day.

KiGa-Club as transition to the kindergarten

All children in their last nursery year take part in the KiGa-Club, a project which prepares them for the move from nursery to Kindergarten.

The aim is to get children ready for a larger group, other children and thus also other interests and a different environment.

At the same time, fine and gross motor skills are promoted more intensively. The children are supported in their independence as much as possible, are allowed to and encouraged to try out as much as possible themselves and are given the necessary help where this is specifically required.

Other activities

In addition to the projects presented here, our project plan also includes many more other exciting offers in various areas to do with education, nutrition, art and sports:

  • cocon preschool: Mandatory for all children in their last year at kindergarten. After consultation with the parents, in addition to German preschool, also the offer of the English and/or French preschool
  • cocon gym:
    Sports and exercise for all ages
  • Forest days:
    Wow an owl! Full day expeditions into the world of trees, mushrooms and woodland animals; raising awareness for nature and conservation
  • Craftwork:
    Hammering, sawing, drilling and filing all need to be learned – Here the children learn how to handle materials, tools or how to plan projects
  • Food & more:
    Healthy food can be so tasty – nutritional education & cooking school
  • Little gardeners:
    It’s growing! Cultivation, maintenance and harvesting of our herb, fruit and vegetable garden
  • So, we’ll be off then:
    Small trips to the local area around our cocon educational establishment

Offers with extra charge:

  • Yoga classes
  • Superfitkids – sports program in English
  • Swimming course
  • Skiing course
  • Ballet
  • Tennis
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