Our philosophy

Dear Parents

We are pleased that you have found us through our website.

We, Veronika Pagacz and Kristina Harzenetter, are the organization team and persons in the background at cocon day nursery, your bilingual day nursery in Munich Bogenhausen and Waldtrudering.

We are mothers and academics with a business management and legal focus, whose aim it is ourselves to keep working, even with children.

But which mother or which father wants to or can work when finding care for children is difficult or doesn’t feel good. When the care offer is inflexible and questions in its content remain open such as: does anyone actually take care of my child when it cries or needs a cuddle? Will my child be recognized in its individuality and can I expect that a day nursery and its teaching team will really guarantee holistic nurturing? And what does the mealtime situation look like? Will they ensure a healthy, balanced diet? How many children does an individual teacher take care of? Are the children regularly outside in the fresh air?

Parents ask themselves these and other questions when thinking about combining everyday family life with their careers.

We also deal with these questions every day, and they are an incentive for designing cocon as a loving, professional institution for your child and for you. We are not only interested in the individual development of individual children, but also in the promotion of a collaborative, mindful way of dealing with each other.

When entering our house, you are passing on responsibility to us for the period of care. In order to do this, we need your trust. We know that trust is only created through transparent and timely communication between our house and you. In order to achieve this, we and our teaching team place the focus on a respectful attitude towards both children and parents, the recognition and diversity of families as well as different offers of information and support. In order for you to feel that you have received enough information, you should know which processes take place at cocon and which goals we follow with our offers.

In terms of quality:
Our quality – and this includes a healthy working environment for our team, a regular examination and further development of our standards in all areas – provides the protection that needs to be felt at all times in order for a team to act in a quiet, calm and concentrated manner.

Guaranteeing this protection is our task: A task that we fulfill with great passion and commitment.

We see ourselves as very blessed to work together with a caring and loving team which has the goal of enabling the children a happy and special time at cocon. For parents at cocon we wish to be a reliable educational partner in your child’s first years, and to support you in combining family and career.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Warm regards
Veronika Pagacz and Kristina Harzenetter


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